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    NEW         Meditation: Principles and Practice

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Beginning meditation class on the foundational principles and practice of meditation, with the goal to create a daily personal practice.

As a group we will learn quickly and holographically, as a result we can apply and grow more deeply.  We will include the theoretical knowledge aspect through what, why, where, when and the how’s of meditation.  We will include poetry, two group meditative segments per class and sharing.

Sharing allows for insights about our patterns and habits, we learn what needs tweaking as we move concertedly over time into a daily meditation practice.  Through the practice we benefit from guided meditations and through poetry we allow a place for the mind to alight symbolic of meditation itself.

Meeting weekly, you will receive handouts to explore and enhance your awareness and growth. 

This will be a hybrid meeting, in person and online.

For those that cannot meet in person, a zoom link will be provided prior to the beginning of the class.  

Payments can be made through PayPal to New Seed Sanctuary, at


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