A Shift into a New Age

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We are leaving the age of Pisces and entering the age of Aquarius thus the calamity that we are experiencing everywhere in our world.  As we do so many old forms writhe and struggle to live as they breathe their last breaths.  Old separative forms are dying to be replaced by new ones.  What and how is the focus of this talk. 

We signed up to be here at this time to assist in the changing of the guard.

We are literally midwifing the Birth of a New Age.  This is no time for timidity as we must work for the benefit of all and those who will be entering this new age.

This new age enters bringing in a New Plan for humanity that will reshape every facet of our Planet.

As Age of Pisces departs much that we have known will slip away, leaving only the best of that past Age to remain.

Join us for this most fascinating topic and begin to understand the reasons' we are experiencing so many shifts, changes and "uncharted territories" that seems more than we can handle.  But is it? 


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