The Journey of Awakening

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Online course 


$75/per session 


“You don’t have a Soul,
You are a Soul.”

- C. S. Lewis

The Journey to Awakening is a series of lessons on Soul Awareness - a series designed to guide one into and through knowledge of self as Soul, and the inner and outer work necessary to open the way of living and working as the Soul.

This movement to Soul is a process beyond time/space and begins with the simple truth that we are not our body, we are not our emotions, and we are not our thoughts.
That we are the Soul – our true point of identity.

The Journey to Awakening guides us to Soul Consciousness - our identity as Soul, the next step in the new frontier for Humanity’s development.

As we settle into the Aquarian Age, we will see a new civilization, a new culture and new way of being. As Soul awareness takes hold, the promise of a positive change in humanity becomes a destiny achieved.

The poet Rumi once said:

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen”

That voice is the Soul.

Join us upon the Journey to Awakening as we learn to listen and speak as the Soul.

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