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The Seven Rays: The Universal Blueprint

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Online course - Zoom platform

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$45 per session - total seven sessions to be attended

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This ongoing series is for all those deeply interested in understanding life and our universe – that which we call the One Life, or Divinity. This One Life expresses itself through seven interpretations of its Singular Essence known as the 7 Rays.

Through the energy of these Rays we come to understand our environment, our purpose, Life and The Way.

This is a wonderfully deep and vast study that will joyfully be given its just due.
We will be spending at least 7 weeks per session. Each session is 2 hrs.
This course will be offered online.


Session 1 - Origin and Purpose of the Rays
Session 2 - The Rays and the Soul
Session 3 - The Rays through Expression and Appearance
Session 4 - The Rays and the Personality
Session 5 - The Rays and the Zodiac
Session 6 - The Rays and Disease
Session 7 - The Practical Application of the Knowledge of the Rays

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