Connecting With Your Inner Sage

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Online class - Zoom platform



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“I am the master of my fate:  I am the captain of my soul.”

We are all gifted with an inner voice.  Lifetimes may go and come before we find it and heed it.  Sometimes it sounds loudly, other times faintly.  


It is the guide that never steers us wrong.  How often have we said, “I knew I should not have done that.”  We always know.  We need to learn to listen.

We have learned not to trust our inner voice.  We’ve been taught to disconnect from the inherent knowing of our Inner Sage.  Within us lies the answer to everything we need to know. 

Uncertain times heighten the need for a strong inner connection to discern.

To know your Inner Sage, to learn the “3-D’s” that distance us from it and interactive methods to connect and build a strong communication highway between you and your inner being, become a part of this workshop.

Through this interactive session you will learn how simple it is to find your own inner sage and truly become “the captain” of your ship.