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“…A crisis in a system is a bifurcation. The way a given system evolves over time – its evolutionary trajectory – suddenly shifts. Instead of continuing to unfold smoothly and continuously, it exhibits a sudden break. The established trajectory is replaced by a juncture where more than one trajectory becomes possible.”

Ervin Laszlo from How Can We Build A Better World: The World Shift Manual

When we consider the theme of Grace…. definitions are needed.

Master John calls Grace, Christ’s Love of Humanity. He says that “through the Law of Grace there is nothing that comes that is too difficult to handle. In a difficult situation [by] using aspiration in meditation, the solution is found. That for the majority of humanity it is the disciple’s responsibility to wield the law of Grace, to create social reforms and other solutions that will benefit.”

The “Disciple is a tool of Grace of the Christ- the gift of the Christ to Humanity.”

In Disciple and Economy, the Principle of Grace is defined as “the comprehensive Love of God, sacrificial in scope, that at-ones with all of humanity and can identify with every state of conscious, every situation, regardless of how low, and every condition that man can experience.”

With this Law there is no condition that is not understood, appreciated, or forgiven and as comprehensive as that Love is in practice and experience…, that forgiveness, no matter what, how or if, we are able to appreciate it, process it, understand it, or experience it, is given. Here is the ultimate redemptive work of the Christ for Humanity. It is said “Not one Human being is left out of the heart and mind of Christ.”

The Economy of Grace is the flow of love in all things. It is the ability to discern and live within that flow. Grace can be understood as the Beauty of Life and the Beauty within Life. It is the livingness of Love in seeking Right Relationship with ourselves, around us and between us. Livingness knows there is no separation, therefore there is no outside us for we are everything that is, and everything is us. The Livingness of Grace occurs in unity through service. Therefore, through Grace all is understood, all can be worked with, all is appreciated through the lens of Oneness.

To understand the Love and livingness of Grace requires a shift of perception from separation, the old paradigm, to Unity and Oneness the new paradigm of this age.

Through the economy of Grace and all its offshoots, humanity will survive, thrive, grow, and evolve. As we move into Aquarius, we seek to apply the Economy of Grace to a broad construct [of areas] allowing it to proliferate through the core of diverse systems such as a more ecological and inclusive system of economy. Kate Raworth, founder and author of Donut Economics said: “Humanity’s 21stc. challenge is clear. To meet the needs of all people within the means of this living planet so that we and the rest of nature can thrive” offering new ideas on satisfying the needs of all people by shifting the paradigm of economy from growth, taking, using, and throwing away, to regeneration, restoring, reusing, ideally bringing creativity, purpose, culture, freedom, leisure, participation and belonging to all people. As I speak to you here now one fine example has occurred, a “Right to Repair” movement is growing worldwide and Steve Wozniak just got behind it for Apple equipment.

To live within Grace requires a deepening and a softening within, a willingness to focus on togetherness, it is a movement from the masculine to the feminine. It is a movement from what has been known as hierarchy to polyarchy – or power coming from the base of people, from “my way” to collaboration. It requires the willingness to be in Right Relationship with Nature, our brothers and sisters, and the higher kingdoms for which we are the bridge.

In nature let us take time to enjoy the gift of the dandelion and the mushrooms designed to return balance to the earth. The mushroom is a toxin transformer. The dandelion is a community healer seeking to spread. So resilient that even glyphosates can only remove them temporarily. They return to rebalance the earth.

As resilient as these wonderful plants are to our planet – clear as to their purpose- so do we have our place in the healing of our planet and in the movement of resetting through the Economy of Grace - Love, Healing in thought, deed, heart, and action.

Lesson 6 of NOS states that when disciples are thrown together to work on aspects of the Plan frictions arise. How well we know this. Here in this microcosm of the macrocosm we can use the Economy of Grace. NOS teaches: “The aspirant learns first that his brother is a Soul, and therefore they are both part of the One Life. He then learns to attach importance only to the Oneness of the Soul and attach no importance to the differences of the persona. This necessitates placing of values upon the constant realities rather than changing conditions: an attainment of right perspective.

This is most easily facilitated when the aspirant can lift his focal point of attention above the area where old thought-forms can influence him. His task is to stand steady in the Light of that Truth which he is attempting to embody.

Here it is possible [for him] to abstain from criticism in thought, word, and deed. He …recognizes neither vice nor virtue in the persona. …his focal point of attention is shifted beyond the mask to the reality, and Truth communicates itself to him. He is neither attracted nor repelled by the persona, but it is at-one with the Soul, thus right relationship on the plane of the personality is the natural manifestation, the disciple …is free to work in harmony with any and everyone.”

Instead of winning, domination and competition may our focus be on expanding love in our environment through listening, support, merging, growth through fusion, going deeper rather than scaling up, allowing ourselves to be more vulnerable and empathic in that way we build by righting relationships.

I would posit that the DP of Grace is Divine Love. Grace has an ability to flow through each of us. Grace, because of its divinity, captures within it a radiance and purity, a rarity shown to us in the likes of Mother Theresa, Mr. Rogers and even some historical politicians in times of crisis. But the presence of grace is afforded for us all to use. It manifests most effectively through Service.

Janice Wallace, a Tsalagi Cherokee medicine woman speaks of Right Relationship in a way that is clear and resonant. These are her words:

1. All things are in relationship; there is no such thing as separation. The mountains, streams, valleys, and deserts are all connected to each other and to us. Our thoughts and actions directly influence everything in us and around us.

2. How you interact with others and they with you shows you the Dream you are weaving. In other words, the patterns you are choosing for your life. Since you are in charge of your choices, in order to change your life you need to change the choices, you make within it.

3. Have the desire to see things as they really are. Not to look at things through your own personal filter, or your own personal truth, or by comparing it to anything else. See whatever it is as it is, not with hopes, dreams, visions, fear, anger, frustration, or the barrage of other excuses we use to judge our World; instead, see ourselves first, then the rest of the world as it is. 4. When we have generosity of heart and spirit, we bring abundance to ourselves and not only those around us but to our world. Put another way if you would prefer, generosity of heart and action brings peace and abundance for all in the Circle of Life or Sacred Hoop. 5. Respecting the sacred space of all Life Forms means just that. Treat everyone and everything as if it were you. Just because it might not communicate like you or look like you or act like you does not mean it does not have a right to its life and opinion. 6. Our thoughts and actions collectively shape the consciousness of our Planetary Caretaker (Mother Earth) to help life on this planet to continue. Our collective thoughts and actions either bless or curse the generations that come after us. 7. To be a true child of the Positive Universe, you must be in Right Relationship, transforming the patterns that insist on separating us, and resolving the conflicting emotions within us. This is how you find your God space, or what some call essential self, higher self, or balance. This is what is meant by Walking in Balance or Being in Balance. It is also called Walking in Beauty or by countless other phrases, but it means the same: to be within your own balance and in harmony with the world around you.”

“Disruptive change has happened and it closed the way back. We cannot stay as we are, we cannot go back to where we were, but we can go forward. We can consciously influence the way the we go- we can decide our destiny.” Dr. Ervin Laszlo

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