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Turn In/Turn On

These were words echoing in my ear recently after a meditation. For me it

meant: tune out the noise that imprisons us in external awareness causing

imbalance, stress and distancing us from true being. Most of what fills our

lives in our waking day move us further away from this truth. Connect


What is our true being?

The answer may be obvious to many, but we live in unstable times

everything is changing. The only thing normal right now is change. Events

we thought would never occur are being evidenced weekly, two plus two can

equal something other than four, world balances and powers are at the most

unstable point we have seen. There is a changing of the guard planetarily, a

new configuration or template is coming into form for our world.

But to answer the question our true being is what we attune to when we

connect with ourselves free from outside distraction. We connect with our

true being when we draw, paint, play music. We especially at-one with our

greater and greater layers of our inner being when we meditate. Our true

being is our inner essence, our soul. Our true being is who we really are and

what we are here to do. This goes beyond earning a living in any old job.

Obviously, we have a long way to go to reach this goal. But, believe it or

not, we are on the upswing. The ongoing unrest and chaos we are

witnessing is our planet’s evolutionary trajectory as we all begin to awaken

to what is true, what is false and who we want to be and what we really

want to orient ourselves to in life.

Fortunately, we have within our planet a constant, an inherent state

programmed into our world that cannot be changed, that being, a Divine

Plan for the evolutionary development of humanity to awaken, and through

that awakening, to shift to higher and higher frequencies of consciousness.

The next evolutionary step for humanity is soul orientation. Can you

imagine us as a collective anchored in Soul awareness?

This shift will see us no longer operating solely from personality, rather we

are shifting to Soul. That is, the Soul will be using the personality as it’s

instrument in full consciousness.

We will become soul-embodied beings allowing the personality to become

the vehicle for the soul to shine through, resulting in a life lived as a

collective on a much higher frequency and an awareness that as beings on

this planet we are One Group within many bodies. Can you imagine how life will be? It would result in a completely different world. Eventually, we can

arrive at a place where we no longer need to learn through pain, suffering

and duality.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said;

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

We are spiritual beings for we are imbued with the divine spark of Divine.

What distinguishes us as humans is that Divine Spark of Soul or

consciousness within us.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin also said;

“To say that Christ is the term and motive force of evolution, to say that he

manifests himself as 'evolver' is implicitly to recognize that he becomes attainable in and through the whole process of evolution.”

This is the process underlying the restless quaking of our present world.

There is purpose behind it as we shift from the Piscean age into the Aquarian

age. As such, though troubling, we chose to be here at this time. Then let

us facilitate and assist the changes that need to come and realize there is

nothing to fear, regardless of appearances, but much work has yet to be


So how does this happen and what can we do to help the planet along?

Step 1:

Read, join spiritual classes and study groups. Get to know who you really

are. Learn to meditate, spend time with yourself in silence, read and journal.

Spend time in nature. Record your dreams. Therein the importance of the

worldwide Mindfulness movement, meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

The popularity of these disciplines is no coincidence. These are practices

that connect you deeper with yourself, quiet your mind, work with your

etheric field, strengthen your immune system and build the pranic energy

around you. Remedies resurface at a time of world need. These are

techniques designed to connect us with our inner selves.

We seek to know everything about our external world. We are so good at

remembering random details, titles, names, history. But we are often afraid

to be alone with ourselves in silence. They are both important. Knowing

your internal world informs your external world. What going on internally

creates your external environment.

Step 2: Reach for something than bigger than yourself.

We all have a reason for being on this planet at this time. We all have a

purpose that exceeds anything we can imagine. We all are part of a great

puzzle and each piece is extremely important. No one else’s piece is like

yours. No other piece can take your place. Your soul knows why you are

here and what you are here to do. Listen to what inspires you and holds

great passion for you and follow that direction for it will guide you to your

greater purpose.

Step 3: Serve others

Work to serve others. Our human family needs love, kindness and

compassion and respect in every way. Give to others your light, your smile,

your love, your peace, your knowledge, your wisdom, your care. It will

ignite and change the world.

Step 4: Know Yourself

Become aware of your triggers.

Learn to speak your truth kindly.

Know your intention before you speak.

Know that what you need is within your reach.

At this moment in our world we are at a point of extreme pressure and

stresses necessary for the new world to take shape. The ability to tune out

the external noise and turn on internally is not only for our survival, but it is

a way to build a strong inner temple. We are only at the brink of change.

Open to who you are. Open to what is going on inside spiritually, mentally,

emotionally and physically.

Open to the depths behind the façade rather than just the facade.

Know you are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more to


Let’s attune to that part of ourselves that has been watching us for lifetimes

waiting for us to wake up and connect – our Soul.

Then we can better assist the planet as it too seeks to evolve.

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