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Grace and Gratefulness

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

By Lyrata Barrett

We’ve moved into the dark half of the year where we begin to feel more introspective.

We are called inward not only because the nights are getting longer but by a series of festivals beginning with Samhain (pronounced Saah-ween) meaning “Summer’s end”, the Day of the Dead, marking our departed ancestors and friends followed by Winter Solstice, Thanksgiving, Xmas and Candlemas. If you know the true meanings behind these festivals these are times of deep moving energies.

These times are often masked by the “holiday spirit” and all that goes along with it requiring us to focus more so outwardly than with ourselves, buying and spending and cooking relentlessly.

We can look at these scenarios in many ways. Perspective determines focus and experience. Offered here are six ways to make the holidays less stressful and more enjoyable:

1. Set boundaries. An excess of exteriorly focused periods of time will drain and exhaust you. Our “time-off” will feel as though we need a vacation from it. Feel into your solar plexus center to determine if a function is something you should be attending. For extra assistance learn the art of muscle testing or kinesiology for clarity to help you make decisions.

Check the Perelandra website on testing techniques .

or YouTube video on kinesiology:

Make sure you are hydrated. Being dehydrated can skew your testing responses.

2. Allot time for yourself. Experience the time we spend with our family and friends as opportunities for service, a time where we can bring love and bright energy into the lives of others that can make vast differences whether we know it or not. This is not about patting ourselves on the back, rather it’s about being change agents that for the Divine to work through. Being with others is an opportunity to bond, share, listen and love the moments we have together. The time we all have is fleeting. Give of yourselves consciously to others. Enjoy the laughter, the friendship the brotherhood. Do what you can with what you have and intention it through an invocative focus to help others. That intention will shift the energies in the room.

3. Don’t sweat the small stuff. A good friend of mine often says; you have to determine “what hill do you want to die on” Misunderstandings are testing grounds for growth. You always have choices as to how to handle them. Don Miguel Ruiz in his highly acclaimed best seller, “The Four Agreements” is a code of conduct based on Toltec Wisdom says:

Agreement 1: Be impeccable with your word

Agreement 2: Don’t take anything personally

Agreement 3: Don’t make assumptions

Agreement 4: Always do your best

Mentioning these four agreements is no substitute for reading the book in its entirety for deeper understandings.

4. Give thanks for the all our precious moments on this planet where we have the opportunity to grow, evolve and master our matter. Seek the grace within all things.

5. Meditate and contemplate to charge your inner batteries to be able to nourish others.

6. Grace and Gratefulness are two principles of divinity available to us all to understand and use. We’ve heard so much of gratefulness, thanks to Lady O and others, but we’ve heard less about Grace. I leave you with a definition of Grace that struck me when I first heard of it. The Principle of Grace says that “there is no state or condition that is too low that the Divine cannot live in”. Through identification with all states and conditions of humanity the Divine ensures that humanity will feel and know grace and through its recognition, evolve.

Blessings to you as we enter inner silence of the dark times.

See through all the clamor to get to enjoy the silence.

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