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Some Thoughts

Lyrata Barrett

June 22, 2020

We as a group are evolving at a ferocious pace, caused by a number of

universal factors all dove tailing at the same time. We are moving from the

Piscean Age where we spent the last 2500 years. That age is closing out

and a new age is opening to us - the Aquarian Age.

That is huge in an of itself as a New Age means we are stimulated by

completely different energies on all levels than we were before. As the old

Age closes it out it takes with it all that will no longer be necessary. Thus,

the extinctions we are seeing in each of the four kingdoms. As the New

Age comes in it assists in the breaking down of structures that will not apply

in the New Age.

Additionally, we are moving into another shift in energy that is a universal

marker that many know nothing about. We are moving from the 6 th Ray

which has been moving out of manifestation since 1625 A.D. into the 7 th

Ray which began to come into manifestation around 1675 A. D. These are

to us slow moving markers.

Under the 6 th Ray the emphasis has been on authority, belief in a higher

power, the need for, and the devotion to an intercessor, a Priest, a Guru to

connect humanity to that higher power, devotion, transcendence, militaristic

power. “Might makes Right”.

As the outer edges of the 7 th Ray seep in and become more entrenched our

world will change drastically from the preceding one. Here individual

understanding becomes more important and direct knowledge, bringing

Spirit into Matter.

We honor George Floyd for his sacrifice which stirred the heart and anger

of Humanity to for us to stand and say No More! No more to treating

indigenous peoples as less than. No more thinking the life of a black

person is worth nothing.

We are evolving. We are discovering our sovereignty and through it will

find new impetus, a stronger vision still with a Love for All People. We will

allow ourselves to be separated or divided by hate, greed, racism, or


We stand together and shout as we release as one voice, breaking the

physical and metaphorical shackles that have imprisoned us and tried to

enslave and our minds, our hearts, our bodies, and our vision.

We are awakening to a new day fueled by the work of those who have

gone before us. Martin, Malcolm, Rosa, Stokely, Huey and Bobby Seale

thank you for your work and your sacrifice to the cause of liberation and

equity for people of color. Angela, we need you now more than ever to

point the way to a new and stronger world built on equity, love and respect

for all indigenous people’s worldwide.

May the day arrive when it is no longer necessary to mention color for, we

know that there is only the one Race – the Human Race. We go beyond

the color of skin to the Oneness that exists before that the division into

categories. There only exists one race, the human race. Let no one speak

about the color of one’s skin ever after these days.

We now go forward. There is work to be done as we prepare to rebuild a

new world.

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